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Dandelion Fountain Nozzle

Dandelion Fountain Nozzle

The dandelion fountain nozzle can fall into two types: dandelion fountain nozzle and semi-spherical dandelion fountain nozzle.

Dandelion Fountain Nozzle:
The dandelion fountain nozzle, also called crystal ball nozzle, is made in the way of equipping its spherical water distributor with many side tubes in radiate way. The outer ends of the tubes are equipped with jet nozzles. And these jet nozzles can refract water flow around so as to make its water pattern look like a big ball (sphere). When spraying water, its water pattern seems like the ball flower of dandelion. And this kind of nozzle is suitable for various fountains indoors and outdoors.

But due to the small diameters of the nozzles, the dandelion fountain nozzle can only deal with filtered water in order to avoid blocking. That's to say, this type of nozzle is demanding on water quality.

Semi-spherical Dandelion Fountain Nozzle:
The semi-spherical dandelion fountain nozzle is a kind of fan nozzle, and its water pattern looks like a semi-spherical dandelion flower or a peacock that has spread out its tail. It is equipped with lots of small nozzles. And its spray area and angles can be adjusted through the installation of its base.

Its demands on water quality are the same as that of dandelion fountain nozzle. And it can be utilized both indoors and outdoors.

Parameters of Semi-spherical Dandelion Fountain Nozzle:

Nozzle type Main performance Connecting tube Installation dimensions
Water pressure (kpa) Flowing rate (m3/h) Spraying height (m) Spraying diameter (m) Diameter (mm) Connecting mode A B
KQ-210 70 12.00 0.60 0.80 40 Inner thread 600 +450
KQ-209 70 19.00 0.80 1.25 50 Inner thread 800 +650
KQ-208 70 30.00 1.00 1.60 80 Inner thread 1000 +850

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