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Waterfall Rockery

Waterfall Rockery

The waterfall rockery functions as decoration both indoors and outdoors. And it is easy and simple to ship and install.

Its artificial rock enclosures can be a useful part for your flower garden design, and compared with real stones, they are lighter, more convenient and cheaper.

Because the waterfall rockery is empty inside, you can hide unsightly objects inside it, like man-hole covers, well-heads, water pipes, etc. And our rockeries vary in different shapes, including tall, short, wide, and long. And they are quite convenient for shipping and installing.

When in air-conditioned rooms, this type of rockery can be conducive to good health by making the air moist. Its underwater lighting is able to change different colors, which can add beauty to houses. All of its electrical appliances are conformed to complex export standards, and its packaging is strict.

As a professional manufacturer of waterfall rockery in China, Sichuan Neijiang Artistic Fountain Factory also provide many other water fountains, water features and fountain nozzles for clients around the world, including music fountain, programmed animated fountain, garden fountain, square fountain, scenic fountain, artificial fog fountain (mist fountain), sculpture fountain, floating fountain, running fountain, wall fountain, waterfall feature, creek water feature, indoor water fountain, outdoor water fountain, direct jet nozzle, morning glory nozzle, flower fountain jet, rotary nozzle, fog nozzle, fan nozzle, adjustable nozzle, aerated nozzle, spring nozzle, etc. For all of our products, lifelong maintenance is available. We have built up lifelong cooperative relationship with customers from Malaysia, Brunei, Tajikistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE (United Arab Emirates), and many other countries in Central Asia and Southeast Asia. If you need our waterfall rockery, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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