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Morning Glory Nozzle

Morning Glory Nozzle

The morning glory nozzle, sometimes also referred to as trumpet flower nozzle, is mainly used in fountains built indoors or in courtyards.

It is designed according to the refraction principle, and uniform films will be formed when water is spouting. The water shape will be a complete trumpet flower under certain water pressure or in no-wind weather. 

Below the nozzle, valves can be fitted to adjust its water stream as well as the cover atop the nozzle. In that way, water spray patterns of this kind of morning glory nozzle can be in the optimal effects.

Established in 1984, Sichuan Neijiang Artistic Fountain Factory is a professional manufacturer of morning glory nozzle in China. In addition to morning glory nozzle, we still provide customers worldwide with music fountain, programmed animated fountain, quare fountain, scenic fountain, artificial fog fountain (mist fountain), laser fountain, sculpture fountain, running fountain, wall fountain, digital water curtain, creek water feature, indoor water fountain, outdoor water fountain, direct jet nozzle, central upright fountain jet, flower fountain jet, rotary nozzle, flat nozzle, fog nozzle, fan nozzle, aerated nozzle, spring nozzle, etc. We have built water features for Spring Festival Evening Gala of China, China Art Festival, and many other Chinese literature and art activities. And so far, we have set up long-term cooperation relationship with customers around the world, such as Malaysia, Brunei, Tajikistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE (United Arab Emirates), and many other countries in Central Asia and Southeast Asia. If you're interested in our morning glory nozzle, please contact us freely.


Model Main performance Connecting pipe Installation specification (mm)
Water column (kpa) Flow rate (m3/h) Jetting height (m) Jetting diameter (m) Diameter (mm) Connecting mode A B
QN-318 60 1.50 0.25 0.45 20 Internal thread 160 +140
QN-318 60 1.50 0.25 0.45 20 Internal thread 160 +140
QN-318 60 1.50 0.25 0.45 20 Internal thread 160 +140
QN-318 60 1.50 0.25 0.45 20 Internal thread 160 +140
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